Positional argument

Positional Arguments

Juliette Mahieux Bartoli’s latest work ‘Positional Arguments’ comes from an intersection of a long running series of works investigating fragmented cultural identity and the political events around Brexit. 

A positional argument is a legal and philosophical position where two sides state their points of view based on their perceived identity without engaging in rational argument or seeking a compromise. The piece uses the tension between its figures to convey this concept, and is the artist’s own positional argument against Brexit.

Mahieux Bartoli’s uses of colour and form embody the triumphant and rebellious spirit of a pan-European artist practicing within the UK. Use of colours in close tension, yet working together, reflects the energy having many cultural forces in proximity can create. The forms of the figures both reflect the irreconcilable conflict of a positional argument, and a wild triumphant dance of many contrasting parts.

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